Friday 16 August – Gråsten to Dyvig

The forecast was better so we set off timing our departure for the 11:15 opening of the Egernsund bridge. We had been told at the sailing club that there are problems with the bridge and it certainly opened and then closed very slowly so something needs fixing. At least we escaped as if the bridge had broken down completely we would have been stuck in the Nybøl Nor.

the “poorly” bridge at Egernsund; it is still opening in this picture

We headed for Sonderborg with a good breeze and nice sailing conditions. After a little wait for the Sonderberg bridge we were soon through and sailed again with a good breeze on towards Dyvig that we had visited before by taking the bus to Nordborg from Augustenborg. We had already decided to anchor and after a bit of a beat for the last few miles we were happy to find it nice and sheltered and we were soon settled after quite a long day. We noticed that there was another British flag, Rustler 36 anchored nearby but we just waved thinking to make contact the next day.

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