Tuesday, 3 May

After taking the old batteries to the ”tip”, Anne drove back to Marchwood where Richard had Harvard all ready to sail. The start of our shakedown cruise. There was no wind, but we hoisted the mainsail anyway just to check all the reefing lines were led correctly and then motored down Southampton Water and caught the west going tide to Lymington. After 3 days of hard work we decided to treat ourselves to a night in Lymington Yacht Haven, reputedly the most expensive marina on the south coast, but it also has very nice shower facilities which we took full advantage of.

Old sailing friends from when we lived in London, Richard and Lizzie now live in Lymington and we had intended to entertain them only for them to bring a whole basket load of food and drink for us. It was very kind of them and after they had gone home we enjoyed the veritable feast they had prepared.

So far all the systems on the boat seem to be working well, including the battery charger that had been changed to the AGM setting.

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