Sunday, 28 May

Rowed across to Alethea, Tony, Winnie the dog and crew’s yacht for coffee and cake. Very convivial and then we waved them off as they headed back towards Titchmarsh Marina where they had left their cars. Tony kindly swapped a full Camping Gaz bottle for an empty one as he knew he could obtain a refill at either his marina or a camping outlet nearby. Richard had just enough cash to be able to pay Tony straight away. Tony had checked that a 907 bottle refill was £45. A lot of money for not much gas but still cheaper than we paid in Falmouth last year when it was £51!!!

After lunch, went ashore to inform MDL that we would be staying another night, and pay the fee, and then went off for a short walk. Came back and headed into the Royal Harwich Yacht Club for a drink as visiting yachts persons. There had been racing during the day so there were quite a few people about.

The ride back to Harvard was really bumpy and very wet, so more protection needed if we want to repeat the experience. Forecast still not looking good so we are constantly revising our plans.

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