This is our track from Strande back to Augustenborg and the end of our adventures for this year.

track Strande toAugustenborg

This is our track from Copenhagen back to Strande/Kiel so crossing our outbound track.

track Copenhagen to Strande/Kiel

This is our track from entering the Baltic at Kiel until Kastrup/Copenhagen going north up the Little Belt, across the Great Belt and up the Sound to Copenhagen.

track Kiel to Copenhagen

This is our track from when we entered the North Sea at Lauwersoog, then stopping at Northerney and Helgoland before entering the Kiel Canal at Brunsb├╝ttel, on the river Elbe, and entering the Baltic at Kiel.

track Lauwersoog to Kiel

This is our track from Enkhuisen, after we arrived back from the UK, across the IJsselmeer, in to the canal system at Lemmer through the canal and through the lock back in to the North Sea at Lauwersoog

track Enkhuizen to Lauwersoog

This our track around the inland seas of the Markermeer and IJsselmeer until we left Harvard at Enkhuizen.

track Amsterdam to Enkhuizen

This is our track from Marchwood YC at the top of Southampton water to Amsterdam via Lowestoft and IJmuiden with a detour up the Medway to Chatham.

track Marchwood YC to Amsterdam