below is the track from Denmark to the UK. We left on 1 August and arrived back on 1 September after just over 700 nautical miles. We went from the north to the south of the Netherlands through the canals because the wind was consistently south to southwest and against us. After that it was great sailing the rest of the way.

our track from Denmark to the UK

This is two images of our 2021 shakedown cruise track showing our short trip around the island of Als. Back home now and will start a new track showing our progress back to the UK later.

circuit of the island of Als
the same but another overview of where we are in Denmark

This is the final bit of our track from Faaborg back to Augustenborg via Høruphav and Sønderborg and the end of our cruise for 2020. In March we didn’t think we would see Harvard at all so we have to look back on this year’s sailing as a real bonus.

Faaborg to Augustenborg

Apologies for not updating this page sooner but below is our track from the Mariager Fjord, heading north to the entrance to the Limfjord and then heading back south, via the east coast of Samsø to Faaborg.

Mariager Fjord to Faaborg

This is the start of our 2020 shortened cruising in the Baltic. We decided to stay in Denmark to avoid any Covid-19 restrictions. For example if we went to Sweden we are not sure that Denmark would let us back in although there seems to be nobody checking in any of the ports we have visited!

Augustenborg to the Mariager Fjord

This is our track from Strande back to Augustenborg and the end of our adventures for this year, 2019.

track Strande toAugustenborg

This is our track from Copenhagen back to Strande/Kiel so crossing our outbound track.

track Copenhagen to Strande/Kiel

This is our track from entering the Baltic at Kiel until Kastrup/Copenhagen going north up the Little Belt, across the Great Belt and up the Sound to Copenhagen.

track Kiel to Copenhagen

This is our track from when we entered the North Sea at Lauwersoog, then stopping at Northerney and Helgoland before entering the Kiel Canal at Brunsbüttel, on the river Elbe, and entering the Baltic at Kiel.

track Lauwersoog to Kiel

This is our track from Enkhuisen, after we arrived back from the UK, across the IJsselmeer, in to the canal system at Lemmer through the canal and through the lock back in to the North Sea at Lauwersoog

track Enkhuizen to Lauwersoog

This our track around the inland seas of the Markermeer and IJsselmeer until we left Harvard at Enkhuizen.

track Amsterdam to Enkhuizen

This is our track from Marchwood YC at the top of Southampton water to Amsterdam via Lowestoft and IJmuiden with a detour up the Medway to Chatham.

track Marchwood YC to Amsterdam