Thursday, 16 May, Canna to Loch Harport (Skye)

Left Canna on a perfectly still fine morning and headed north to Skye. The sea was like a mirror but the forecast is for northerly winds so if we are to make it to North Uist the further north we start the less hard work sailing to windward we have to do. There was hardly a breath of wind all the way to Skye and after just about giving upon seeing any wildlife dolphins came to play on our bow wave and we had three sightings of a minke whale quite close by. Not sure if it was three whales or the same whale surfacing three times in different spots. We also porpoises and lots of puffins on the water. Impossible to take a decent photograph unfortunately.

Of course once in Loch Harport there was a bit more breeze but no room to sail and we were soon opposite the Talisker Distillery. It now has visitor buoys where once you could anchor but as we were not planning to go ashore we anchored further up towards the head of the loch in 8m of water. At least there was a decent mobile signal so we could check emails and update the blog.

Talisker Distillery, Loch Harport

We felt quite settled to start with but during the night the wind changed direction and strengthened so it wasn’t such a restful night as it turned out. The anchor didn’t drag, as it was good holding, but one still wakes up every time there is a different movement of the boat.

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