Monday, 13 May, Mallaig

We were up and about early to help Gwynne and Tracy to the station using a marina trolley to transport their heavy bags. We were a little early but they soon found their seats on the train and with the bags safely stored, we said our goodbyes.

Later in the morning we did shopping and took the laundry to the Mallaig Mission Bunkhouse (formerly the Seafarers Mission) where a service wash and dry was on offer. We also did a small amount of washing in the marina laundry and did some small jobs like replacing the plastic disc spring in the self-tailing part of the spinnaker winches. Richard had damaged one when he put the large mooring lines through them going through the Caledonian Canal last year and although they still worked fine, it was better to replace them to be on the safe side.

Back at 5 o’clock to pick up our laundry and a chat with the very nice lady (originally from Bulgaria) that runs the Bunkhouse whilst we helped fold everything into our bag. Then, after being contacted by our long standing sailing friends David and Debbie Philips, we went to meet their daughter Robyn and her friend as they arrived on the ferry from Rum after a few days walking and camping on the island. We must have been there at the same time as it turned out!! We showed them where to buy fish and chips and didn’t delay them as they had a long drive back to Aberdeen. Then it was time for an early night after an early start.

Robyn (left) and friend.

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