Saturday, 11 May, Rum to Ornsay

Sailed and motored depending on the wind strength across towards the Point of Sleat and into the Sound of Sleat between Skye and the mainland. The wind filled in from behind and we gently ran goose winged until level with Ornsay and then gybed across. As always seems to be the case the wind picked up just as we arrived but again with a good crew we soon had the sails safely stowed away. There is a hotel in the loch behind the Isle of Ornsay, the Duisdale House Hotel, and it has 5 visitor moorings for visiting yachts. One attraction was that is has a dedicated Yacht Shower! We were soon attached to a mooring and were the only yacht there. We inflated the dinghy and Richard ferried the crew ashore.

Then Gwynne and Tracy decided they wanted to swim. Must be mad, as the water was freezing, but they went ahead anyway!! Anne, Gwynne and Tracy then walked to the nearby village for a drink and to enjoy the views. Then it was up to the hotel for hot showers with nice white fluffy towels before drinks on the terrace and a really nice meal that Gwynne very kindly and generously treated us to.

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