Friday, 10 May, Loch Ceann Traigh to Rum

Quite a peaceful night at anchor and after breakfast we set off towards the Isle of Rum. The wind direction meant it was a broad reach, so with an enthusiastic Gwynne helping, we soon had the cruising chute (asymmetric spinnaker) flying and were making excellent speed. We made one gybe and headed for the northern end of Eigg. There the wind picked up so it was quickly down with the spinnaker and then a very fast white sail reach across to Rum. As we took the sails down at the entrance to the only harbour on the east side of Rum the wind picked up even more to over 20 knots but with many hands onboard we soon had the sails stowed away and made or way up into the mooring area in Loch Scresort. There are mooring buoys available for visitors and so early in the season there were plenty free. We were soon safely attached to a buoy and ready to go ashore.

Spinnaker setting beautifully!!!

It was then time to blow up the dinghy and try the outboard. All went well and we landed on the pontoon belonging to the the fish farm operator. It wasn’t in the best of condition but it saved hauling the dinghy ashore on the beach.

We walked around to Kinloch Castle which unfortunately is closed for restoration but it was possible to see through the windows an amazing interior. Goodness knows what will happen to it, but hopefully, one day, it will be restored to its former glory. See

After an ice cream at the only shop on the island and talking to some enthusiastic and intrepid cyclists that were exploring the island, Richard, Gwynne and Tracy went for a walk along one of the designated nature trails. It was beautiful, and the views of the mountains spectacular, but we didn’t see any notable wildlife unfortunately. We met Anne back at the pontoons and she had been along to ann otter hide but reported that there were no otters to be seen.

Once back onboard it was time to chill out and enjoy the beautiful setting.

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