Thursday, 9 May, Tobermory to Loch Ceann Traigh

Spent the morning stocking up Harvard with provisions and filling with water with the plan that we could be at anchor or on a mooring for up to three nights. To catch the favourable tide around Ardnamurchan Point we left at midday and found a good south westerly breeze that meant we were a little early at the tidal gate but we were soon level with the lighthouse, gybed and broad reached eastwards towards an anchorage indicated in the pilot guide at Loch Ceann Traigh. Another yacht was ahead of us into the anchorage but there was nobody else there so there was plenty of room. We haven’t visited there before, so a new experience.

Just amazing light and vistas in this part of Scotland.

We anchored off the sandy beach in about 8m of water at the top of the tide. Unfortunately the anchor chain was a little shaken about and twisted in the anchor locker after all the beating up the Sound of Mull. As a result it kept jamming in the anchor windlass gypsy. We should have taken the chain out on the pontoon at Tobermory and re-flaked it in the anchor locker so it ran freely. Our mistake!!

Once the anchor was sorted we were able to settle down and have a nice supper in a beautiful location.

Lovely anchorage.

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